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Tips For Cleaning Diesel Engine

Tips For Cleaning Diesel Engine

Tips For Cleaning  Diesel Engine

If you are taking the proper steps to ensure your diesel engine is maintained and in good repair, you will improve the life of your vehicle and increase its performance. If you aren’t sure how to make sure that happens, here are few areas to check when cleaning your engine.

1. Fuel Additives

Two of the fuels being promoted right now at the biodiesel and ULSD. Regardless of which one you use, diesel fuel injections benefit from a fuel additive. This will keep the injectors flowing in an even spray pattern and at full capacity. Your additive should demulsify water. Some will try to burn the water out, but this method puts wear on the injectors that can be avoided if you find an additive that will remove the water.

2. Diesel Engine Turbochargers

The turbochargers play a major role in helping your engine run … Read More